2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry

...a pictorial tribute

Trooper Bob Smith

DY BOB 0025

DY BOB 0011

This is almost certainly in January 1945 in the middle of the 'Battle of the Bulge'. "That January would turn out to be the coldest in living memory: men on both sides would be lost in the raging blizzards to die alone and forgotten. They were not killed by an enemy bullet but by the weather, their bones, encased in pieces of rotting uniform, being found many years later." (Whitting, Charles, “The Battle of the Bulge, Britain’s untold story”, p.171. ISBN 0 7509 3180 9)

DY BOB 0021


Bob Smith - 2nd from the right on the back row

DY BOB 0004

DY BOB 0005

DY BOB 0001


Bob in the middle. Do you know any of the other four?

DY BOB 0019

DY BOB 0003


Bob Smith on left...who is the sergeant?

DY BOB 0010

DY BOB 0008

DY BOB 0009

DY BOB 0012

DY BOB 0014

DY BOB 0015


l to r - L/C Courtney, Bob Smith, unknown, unknown, Harry 'Wigan' Heaton









thanks to 'seedytea' for names

DY BOB 0007

DY BOB 0006

DY BOB 0020

DY BOB 0018


The wings on the tank are almost certainly the Phoenix of the Kings Hussars, making this after the war, probably 1946.


Anyone know what the make of motorbike is?...

The m/c is a Matchless ..the M has wings on both sides of the M. I rode one

in the army it had telescopic front forks a big improvement over the girder

front forks of the Norton,etc. (thanks to William Cruickshank).



DY BOB 0026


This newspaper clipping is almost certainly the Manchester Evening News and the date was written on the left hand edge. Aug 44, can be made out and the actual day is 2-? possibly 28th


DY BOB 0023


January 1945 - the 'Battle of the Bulge'.

DY BOB 0013


A staff car of the 14th / 20th Kings Hussars, probably 1946 in Wuppertal.

DY BOB 0022


January 1945 - the 'Battle of the Bulge'.

DY BOB 0024

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